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2017 NAMI CCNS advocacy #mentalhealthmonth #AHCA

Advocacy Alert: Congress decimating #mentalhealth care in #MentalHealthMonth

2017 NAMI CCNS Advocacy Alert #mentalhealthmonth #keepwhatworks

May is Mental Health Month and how is Congress celebrating? By trying to decimate mental health coverage in America.

This week, there is a vote expected in the House on the amended American Health Care Act (AHCA). If this bill passes, millions of Americans will lose mental health coverage or be charged moresimply because they have a mental health condition.

Tell Congress to VOTE NO on the AHCA.

How does Congress’ health care bill affect mental health?

  • The AHCA will strip over $800 billion from Medicaid over the next 10 years, forcing states to slash mental health services.
  • 24 million Americans will lose insurance for mental health care.
  • Allows states to:
    • Drop coverage of mental health and substance use (one of the essential health benefits) from insurance plans
    • Charge people higher premiums if they have a pre-existing condition, like depression or anxiety.
    • Create high-risk pools, which are another way of charging people with mental illness more money and providing less coverage



HONEST, OPEN, PROUD Coming May 25-June 8, 2017

HONEST, OPEN, PROUD Coming May 25-June 8, 2017

*NOTE: this program has been cancelled

* Click here for PDF download *

Do you live with a mental illness and worry about keeping it a secret or telling others?

Honest, Open, Proud (HOP) is a program that helps people make decisions about disclosing their mental health challenges. It’s a safe space to talk about all the questions, concerns or experiences you have with telling your story. HOP is a peer run program for people living with mental illness. Each session is two hours long and includes group discussions, worksheets and practice exercises.

This free 3-week session will meet at the following times:
Thursday, May 25, 2 – 4 pm
Thursday, June 1, 2 – 4 pm
Thursday, June 8, 2 – 4 pm

Location: Turning Point Behavioral Health Care Center, 8324 Skokie Blvd. Skokie, IL

Space is limited. If you’re interested in attending please contact Fay Anderson at (847) 716-2252 or

How does self-disclosure reduce self-stigma?

Self-stigma is when people internalize prejudice attitudes from the public by agreeing with stereotypes and applying them to themselves; it can hurt self-esteem and your health. Self-stigma can worsen symptoms, decrease functioning, and keep people from getting the help they need. Keeping mental illness closeted can lead to more shame! Research shows those who talk about their mental illness feel more empowered and have better self-esteem and confidence to achieve their goals. Talking about your story also reduces public stigma by challenging stereotypes and prejudice through engagement with the public and people with lived experience.

Honest, Open, Proud consists of three weekly sessions that cover the following topics:

• Considering the pros and cons of disclosing
• Goals of disclosing in different settings
• How to test a person for safe disclosure
• Strategies for self-disclosure
• How others may respond to your disclosure
• Practice telling your story
• Using peer support

Contact: Fay Anderson Office Administrator Resource Specialist


Cubs Nancy baseball jersey cap tribune photo

Sunday, July 23, 2017 NAMI CCNS Fundraiser – Let’s Go Cubs Event!!

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Cubs baseball event
Cubs baseball event

Let’s Go Cubs Event!

Sunday, July 23, 2017  –  NAMI CCNS FUNDRAISER

Join us for the Cubs vs the Cardinals nationally televised game.

We will start the game activities at 5 pm in the Cubby Bear,

PRIVATE ROOM, 2nd floor overlooking the Cubs Marquee.

All the ball park food and beer for you and your guests to enjoy!

50/50 raffle for patrons in the Cubby Bear – winners need to be present.

Then take your seats in the NAMI CCNS section at 7pm.

Don’t forget to visit our executive director, Nancy Carstedt, Cubs usher!

This is a first come first serve event!

For your ticket purchase of $175 for this fundraiser, call the office at 847-716-2252 or email Sue at

NAMI CCNS Cubs baseball




2017 NAMI CCNS Walk/Run Kickoff Event – Save the Date August 14

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Kick-off scheduled for Monday, August 14 at the Runners Edge in Wilmette

Monday August 14, 6:30 p.m.

This year’s event is in memory of beloved NAMI CCNS member Grant Nelson, food and drinks at Runner’s Edge, 1515 Sheridan Rd., Wilmette, IL 60091.  Located next to Fannie May.

Runners Edge Wilmette



Sponsor NAMICCNS 5k Walks & Runs! Sunday September 24, 2017

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Sponsor and donate HERE!

Register to walk/run HERE!






Sponsorship Letter:

It may surprise you to learn that an average of one of every five of the employees at your company/organization will experience a mental health disorder each year.  In fact, the World Health Organization reports that mental illness is the fourth leading cause of disability worldwide.  Most people will struggle with mental illness at some point in their lifetime, either personally or through a close family member or friend. Unfortunately, despite the amount of people struggling with mental health related issues, the concept of mental illness is constantly stigmatized, avoided, and disregarded. As a result, those struggling with mental illness do not always receive the resources, support, and advocacy they need and deserve. NAMI CCNS is an organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with mental illness and those who love and care for them to provide just that.

On Sunday, September 24, 2017,(Evanston/Northwestern lakefront 5k walk/run) you have the opportunity to help by participating in our national walk/run. The goal is to raise both money and awareness. The proceeds from the 2017 WALK/RUN including money raised through corporate sponsorship will be used by NAMI CCNS in the following ways:

  • To provide support to people with mental illness and to their families
  • To educate families and those who have a mental illness
  • To advocate for nondiscriminatory and equitable policies at the federal, state, and local level and in the private sector
  • To advocate for improved opportunities for housing, rehabilitation, and meaningful jobs
  • To support research into the causes, systems and treatments of brain disorders
  • To support public education programs designed to help eliminate the pervasive stigma surrounding severe mental illness

We urge your organization to sponsor our Walk/RUN not just because of the visibility we can offer, but also because of the support and education NAMI CCNS provides for our community at large at no cost.  With WALK/RUN funding, we hold support groups for those with severe mental illness and their families, teach classes to educate family members, police, and social workers about mental illness, and empower those with severe mental illness to educate the community.

Won’t you please help us meet the many needs of those with mental illness and their families by becoming a Walk sponsor?  NAMI CCNS is requesting a sponsorship for our walk/run 2017.  If you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me at or at 847-716-2252 or

Thank you in advance for your support.


Susan Ockerlund
Development Director NAMI CCNS