Volunteering for NAMI Cook County North Suburban is an important way to help us end the stigma against people with a mental health condition.

We will keep working to end the stigma until everyone understands that mental illness is an equal-opportunity disease that affects every race, ethnicity, gender, age, and socioeconomic status. Your interests, skills and experience can help us achieve our goal.

There are four main areas where volunteers can help:

  1.  Serving as a NAMI CCNS representative in their community
    1.  Serve as a liaison between NAMI CCNS and their community
    2.  Distribute flyers for upcoming classes, programs and fundraising events
    3.  Provide hospitality at public education programs
    4.  Attend occasional meetings at NAMI CCNS headquarters in Skokie
  2.  Assisting with NAMI CCNS fundraising events
    1.  Provide on-site, day-of event support
    2.  Secure event sponsorships and donations
    3.  Serve on planning committees
  3.  Performing research and administrative tasks that support our operations
    1.  Identify gatekeepers throughout our catchment area who should be aware of all our services
    2.  Help us publicize our classes, programs and fundraising events through local media outlets
    3.  Post programs and events on community calendars
    4.  Provide on-site office administrative support, including data entry
  4.  Sharing your NAMI experience:
    1.  as a class teacher or support group facilitator
    2.  as an In Our Own Voice speaker
    3.  as a panelist for Parents and Teachers as Allies or Ending the Silence
  5.  Reaching out to your faith community:
    1.  Help with NAMI Faithnet to create understanding of mental health issues and build support in faith-based communities

If you would like to learn more about volunteering for NAMI CCNS, please complete the form below (or print out and mail in the PDF in the link above).

Joan DeCleene, our (volunteer) Volunteer Coordinator, will talk with you about your particular interests, availability, and skills. We want our volunteers to enjoy their work on our behalf.

Thank you for considering NAMI CCNS volunteer opportunities and helping us end the stigma against mental illness once and for all!


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  Serving as a NAMI CCNS community representative
  Assisting with NAMI CCNS fundraising events
  Performing online research and administrative tasks
  Sharing my NAMI experience
  Reaching out to faith community
  ALL of the above

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Our Facebook and Twitter photo albums have many great photos of our wonderful volunteers and events!


NAMI CCNS has a variety of opportunities that we would be grateful to have you contribute to and help us with to help eliminate the discrimination and increase understanding of mental illnesses.

National Alliance on Mental Illness – Cook County North Suburban

Welcome to NAMI CCNS
The mission of NAMI Cook County North Suburban is to improve the lives of individuals with serious mental illness and those who love and care for them through education support and advocacy.

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