2019 Annual Appeal & Annual Report - NAMI CCNS - Chicagoland Mental Health
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2019 Annual Appeal & Annual Report

The Impact is Real | A Story of Youth Standing for Youth in Mental Health

After learning that 1 in 5 students is experiencing a mental health issue, I knew that so many of my classmates are struggling – largely in silence and alone. I feel that if mental health diagnoses could be destigmatized, more students would be willing to recognize they have an illness and seek help. I am doing what I can to be part of the change in how teens view mental health. I am honored to be NAMI CCNS’s first-ever student ambassador. During this school year, I will be telling my story to students at local schools as part of NAMI’s “Ending the Silence” program.
This is the situation that NAMI CCNS Ambassador Cavan found herself and her family in as she struggled to understand what she was experiencing. Cavan decided to act and came in to the NAMI CCNS office to offer her services as a volunteer and mental health advocate. Within a week she was chosen as the keynote speaker for our annual gala, where she shared her story and made a difference!
For as long as I can remember, I have set high standards for myself—to obtain straight As, score goals in soccer, and be involved in a multitude of activities. At some point, though, I no longer found joy in my achievements. When I met my goals, I simply felt like I checked a box. I moved onto the next objective without celebration or satisfaction. On those many occasions– when I fell short of the impossibly tall orders that I set for myself–I felt unmoored. In each instance, I thought these feelings were completely normal and so I kept them to myself.
NAMI Ending the Silence Speaker - Cavan
Everything changed the summer before my sophomore year of high school. In June 2017, I attended my annual physical exam. Before my appointment, my doctor had my brother and me fill out a routine depression questionnaire. Apparently, I filled in some concerning bubbles because my doctor was insisting to talk to my mom, who wasn’t there. My doctor asked me probing questions about what was wrong. I became a puddle of tears and confided in her.
I told her that I had been binging and purging off and on over the past three years; however, I assured her that I had the situation completely under control. I told her that I could stop whenever I wanted to, and there was nothing to worry about. Unconvinced by my assurances, my doctor recommended that I meet with a therapist.
Although I didn’t realize it at the time, that depression assessment altered the course of my life. Up until that time, I was in complete denial that I needed assistance. I believed that everyone at school was in the same situation as me: feeling stressed out, having panic attacks over homework, being destroyed by a bad grade, and assessing their own performance so critically that it can only be defined as good or bad. I now know that living this way is not normal in any way, shape or form.
After time spent in therapy and working with a nutritionist, I have learned a lot about myself. I have generalized anxiety disorder, commonly referred to as GAD. I’ve learned that my eating disorder, perfectionism, and depression all derived from this. This diagnosis, and the assistance that came with it, were a tremendous relief. While I am still incredibly goal oriented, I have reset my expectations and allow myself to be “perfectly imperfect. I measure my success on a continuum rather than by an all or nothing standard. And I recognize that I will fail – repeatedly – and am able to be accepting of that reality. I only wish I could have attained this peace of mind years earlier.
I am now an advocate for all things mental health. After learning that 1 in 5 students is experiencing a mental health issue, I know that so many of my classmates are struggling – largely in silence and alone. I feel that if mental health diagnoses could be destigmatized, then more students would be willing to recognize that they have a mental illness and seek help. I am doing what I can to be part of the change in how teens view mental health. I am honored to be NAMI CCNS’s first-ever student ambassador. During this school year, I will be telling my story to students at local schools as part of NAMI’s “Ending the Silence” program. Next year, in college, I plan to be an active member of my university’s “NAMI on Campus” program. Or, if the university that I attend does not yet have that program in place, then I plan to establish it. I am confident that with the resources NAMI provides, we can help break down the stigma of mental illness and allow students to live their best lives.
Assisting NAMI in reaching students in need is my goal. Thanks to the help I have received, I know I will share NAMI’s joy in reaching them.
Cavan is doing all she has set out to do—and more. As her senior year moves forward and she applies to colleges, Cavan and her family see the hope that comes from being an advocate for NAMI CCNS. She is leading the way for awareness and change in mental health and is helping us end stigma. As 2019 draws to a close and you consider your year-end giving, we encourage you to give generously to NAMI CCNS. Programs such as NAMI on Campus and Ending the Silence are but two of the many programs offered that make a difference for individuals living with a mental illness, and their families.
We hope they make a difference in your town.
On behalf of the board, staff and volunteers, thank you for your support.
Richard DeCleene
President, Board of Directors
Nathaniel Ekman Executive Director
P.S. Please consider making a lasting gift to our Tree of Life—and remember us in your holiday giving and estate planning!
2019 was an amazing year here, at NAMI CCNS. By far, it was one of our most memorable! This year has seen the addition of new programs, thanks to you! Take a look at our 2019 Annual Report below! Our annual reports are always available upon request or here for download. 2019 NAMI CCNS Annual Report Download
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All articles, information, free groups and all services NAMI CCNS provides are possible because of generous donations from people like you!  Please consider donating today!  NAMI CCNS is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, Nami Cook County North Suburban.

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    Education Classes


    The Family to Family program was very helpful in educating me about mental illness and how it related to my loved one. I found it so helpful I have, over the years passed on the information to others that needed this powerful resource. I believe in the organization’s mission and now have been a regular volunteer. — Carrie Drews




    Support Groups



    I lead this group and have found it to be beneficial, both
    personally and to those who attend these sessions. — Alyx Kesselring














    From the Executive Director

    As a longtime friend of NAMI CCNS, it is a privilege to serve as your new Executive Director. NAMI CCNS is a special place—rich in its dedicated volunteers and staff, diverse in its programming, and unwavering in its commitment— to improve the quality of life for individuals with mental illnesses, and those who love and care for them, through education, advocacy, resources and support. Having grown from my own relationship with the affiliate, I am delighted by the opportunity to shape its future impact in Chicago’s northern suburbs, and beyond. My colleagues, board members and I thank you for your
    support on this journey.Your investment in our work ensures that NAMI CCNS will continue to grow and thrive, and to deliver on its invaluable mission. To all of you who have donated your time, talent or resources in the past year, please accept my deepest thanks.
    NAMI Executive Director, Nathaniel Ekman


    AJ Mendez at NAMIFeatured NAMI Ambassador AJ Mendez, former WWE wrestler and her journey with mental health. A
    meet and greet/book signing event attended by 100 of AJ’s supporters preceded the gala dinner.
    Silent auction, fund to cause donations and a vocal performance by the New Trier swing choir rounded out the evening with proceeds going to keep our programs free to all.

    NAMI Save the Dates 2020

    From the Board Chairman

    NAMI CCNS has had a very eventful year. We have a wonderful new Executive Director, Nathaniel Ekman at our helm, and he is doing a great job. We have expanded our outreach and are reaching more families dealing with the challenges of mental illness. We are offering new programs such as Mental Health First Aid and Ending the Silence to keep up with the growing demands of our communities, while continuing to offer our signature classes Family To Family and Basics as well as support groups like Balance for Success, Stableity, and our Veterans’ Group. This would not be possible without your financial support
    and our wonderful volunteers. Our major fundraisers, the spring Gala and the Walk/Run, were a success with Evanston being a new venue for our fall event. Our fabulous volunteers have been invaluable in helping us carry out our mission to provide advocacy, education, and support for those with mental illness and their loved ones. In this complex and stressful world, NAMI CCNS is needed more
    than ever, and we are looking forward to 2020 with its challenges and opportunities to meet the needs of those individuals and families dealing with the difficulties of mental illness. Our
    donors, board, staff, and volunteers are instrumental in our successfully fulfilling our goals. Thank you for your wonderful support. We couldn’t exist without you!
    NAMI Board Chairman - Pat Rodbro


    Our annual 5k walk/ run was held on Sunday September 23, 2018 at Dawes Park in Evanston, with the route extending to the lakefront and Sheridan Road. Joining NAMI CCNS were over 500 stigma fighters! This event is held in conjunction with over 100 other walks and runs across the USA and is a signature event of NAMI National.
    2019 NAMI Chicago 5K Run Walk Participants

    Aburano, Douglas
    Adams, Carolyn M.
    Adams, Paul & Adriane
    Ahlschwede, Karri
    Albert, Lindsay
    Albert, Mike & Shari
    Albright, Jay and Bonnie
    Alsberg, Diana
    Alterio, Carolyn
    Alvi, Sanaa
    Amhaus, Kevin
    Anderson, Barbara
    Anderson, Fay and Sklar, Robert
    Anderson, Kristina
    Anderson, Mary
    Anderson, Matt and Nicole
    Andreoni, Armand & Mary Kay
    Andrew and Alice Fischer Charitable Trust
    Angel, Sara
    Ankin, Frieda & Michael
    Ankin, Sam & Erin
    Antell, Iris
    Apple, Anthony and Mary
    Aquadro, Brian
    Arai DDS, Harold and Irene
    Arenson, Karen
    Arkin, Steven and Karen
    Arman, Katie
    Arnold-Hammond, Karen
    Arons, Harriet
    Arturi, Beth
    Arturi, Erin
    Arturi, Margaret
    Ashman, Eve & Gary
    Atkin, Julia
    Austin, Dwight
    Avery, Robyn
    Axelrod, Michael
    Ayala, Evelyn
    Baat, Katnemi
    Bachar, Patricia
    Bader, Eugene
    Bailey, Marvin & Laurie
    Bajpai, Rajeev
    Barone, Lynn
    Barry, Christine
    Bartel, Allan & Lorie
    Barto, Dennis & Roxanne
    Barty, Roberta
    Baskin, Dick
    Baugh, Montana
    Baumann, Gwen
    Bautista, Thrisha
    Bazant, Mark
    Beatty, John
    Becker, Shirley
    Beckwith, James
    Behling, Avis
    Bell, Willard
    Beller, Valerie
    Benaim, Ellen
    Benbow, James and Frances
    Benchmark Construction
    Bengtsen, Lynn
    Benson, Marianne
    Berg, John and Theresa
    Berg, Kristin
    Berger, Kyle
    Bergman, Allan and Jan
    Berken, Tony
    Berkowitz, Michael and Leslie
    Berkowitz, Richard
    Berkowitz, Sandi
    Berkowitz, Tammy
    Berkson, Dorian
    Bernard, Rodgers
    Besson, Susan
    Best, Steven
    Beth Sholom Ahavas Achim Congregation
    Bever, Shirley
    Bhagat, Keney
    Biederer, Patrick
    Billard, Laura & James
    Biondi, Linda
    Birnbaum, Lourdes I.
    Black, Thomas and Kerrie
    Blair, Marla
    Blair, Norm and Joy
    Blanco, Jorge
    Bleichman, Jeremy & Melissa
    Blender, Harvey
    Bliss Salon
    Blitstein, Mark & Lexis
    Bloom, Anita
    Bloxham, Janette
    Blum, Janice and David
    Blumen, Patricia
    Bobart, Glen
    Bockstadter, Kathy
    Boland, Barbara
    Bolling, Suzanne
    Bondurant, Scott & Susan & Scott
    Bonebrake, Julie
    Bonnett, Avis
    Bookler, Tom
    Borgeson, Rick and Deane
    Borkowski, Mary
    Bornquist, Inc.
    Borre, Debra
    Borstelmann, Thomas
    Boughner, Elisa & Martin
    Bouret, Christiane
    Bowers, Fred
    Bowers, Larry
    Braden-Rozier, Annette
    Bradley, Rose
    Brady, C Townsend
    Braman, Richard & Lynn
    Bran Family
    Bredemann Lexus
    Breen, Gail & Thomas
    Brenan, Lynne
    Brennan, Jerry
    Brennan, Margaret
    Breslow, Diane
    Brickman, Marty & Karen
    Briggs, Art and Marian
    Britton, Beth
    Brody, Jeff and Debbie
    Brogan, Barb
    Brotsos, Bart and Irene
    Brown, Kathryn & Robert
    Bruce & Terrie Stickler
    Buckstein, Janet
    Bugno, Clinton
    Bunn, Willard
    Burd, Rick
    Burge, Aileen
    Burriss, Roderick
    Byers, Breck and Margaret
    Byrne, Agnes and James
    Cahill, Joyce
    Calderon, Stanley
    Call, Christopher
    Call, Gretchen
    Callahan, Barbara
    Cameron, Janet
    Campbell, Ian
    Campobasso, Mary and Fred
    Cann, Carol
    Cantor, Norman & Ellen
    Caplan, Adrienne and Burt
    Caplan, Sam
    Carbray, Julie
    Carlson, Rebekah
    Carlson, Susan
    Carpenter, Sue and John
    Carroll, Brendan and Colleen
    Carroll, James & Maureen
    Carroll, John
    Carroll, Mary
    Carson, Maureen
    Carter, Mildred
    Carton, Ellen
    Carvell, Kimberly
    Catalan, Jorge and Lori
    Cattau, Dj
    Cazolas, Myra
    Cesar, Lisa
    Cha, Janice
    Challinor, Elizabeth
    Charity, Cathy
    Chernaik, Stephen
    Chernawsky, Barry and Adrienne
    Chernawsky, Samuel
    Chico, Jeryl
    Choate, Laura
    Chookaszian, Dennis
    Chookaszian, Johanna and Donald
    Christ Church
    Cichowlas, Janice
    CJ Walton/Jacklyn Seaverns-Walton
    Clark, Holly
    Clark, Jeff and Bonny
    Clark, Jeff and Carol
    Clark, Susan and David
    Cleggett, Crystal
    Cleven, Dane & Kathleen
    Cocking, Gina
    Cohen, Hilary
    Cole, Jennifer
    Cole, Jim & Linda
    Cole, Kathleen and Brandt, Brian
    Collins, Kirsty
    Colston, Elizabeth
    Comitor, Cindy
    Conlin, Nancy
    Conlon, Maria
    Conrad, Pam
    Conrad, Will
    Cook, Margaret Winker
    Cooper, Dick and Sharon
    Cope, David
    Cope, Heidi
    Couch, Dennis and Georgene
    Cox, Gail
    Crane, Beth
    Crane, Jennifer
    Crile, Dorothy
    Croft, Katie
    Cross Check Compliance
    Cruz, Lori
    Cuevo, Imelda
    Culbertson, Robin
    Curry, Chelsea
    Dallas, Ruth
    Damisch, Patty
    Daniel and Holly Zivin
    Daniels, Mark
    Dann, Robert
    Danos, Marilyn
    David Atlas
    Davidson, Marie & Gerald
    Davidson, Wesley
    Davies, Sue
    Davis, Jennifer
    Davis, Judy and Mark
    Davis, Laura
    Dawson, Erin
    DeAngelis, John
    DeCarlo, Candy and Phil
    Decleene, Mike & Jennifer
    DeCleene, Steve
    DeCleene,Joan & Richard
    Dee, Chris & Maun
    DeFano, Matt
    Deheeger, Judith
    Del Castillo Jorge & Susan
    Demar, Edith Fantus
    DeMar, Larry
    Deneen, Brigid
    Denten, Julie and Michael
    Deuster, Melinda & Bob
    Devaney, Elizabeth
    Diamond, Marcia
    DiBiaso, Donna
    Dickinson, William and Nancy
    Dickman, Fred
    Dishman, Sanford & Stephanie
    Ditching, Clarize
    Dobbins, Stephanie
    Docherty, Brendon
    Dohr, Patricia and Thomas
    Donat, Charlotte & Reed
    Donna and Robert Stanton
    Dorfman, Robert
    Dorner, Meredith
    Dorner, Terrence
    Dowd, Richard and Mary Kelly
    Downing, Jack and Andrea
    Doyle, Patricia
    Dr. & Mrs. Jayme & Anne Brentan
    Dr. Scholl Foundation
    Drews, Caroline
    Dreyfus, Don & Charlene
    Drucker, Paula
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    Dubrin, Nadine
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    Epstein & Epstein Attorneys at Law
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    Erickson, Julie A
    Erlich, Barry & Merle
    Espinosa, Carmen & Jose
    Espinosa, Samantha
    Espinosa, Sarah
    Evans, Todd and Canham, Marjorie

    Evanston Community Foundation

    Everds, Whitney
    Evers, Jean
    Evola, Debbie
    Evon, Chris
    Fagan, Emily
    Fahey, Joe
    Farinella, Lou and Karen
    Farkas, Alana
    Farnell, Wanda
    Farrell, Rosie
    Fatum, Stephan
    Favila, Sonia
    Feinberg, Aron
    Feminella, Paul
    Ferguson, Anne
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    Ferrara, Kathleen
    Fidelity Charitable
    Field, Ruth
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    Fine, Mark and Janis
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    Finn, David
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    Fishman, Esther
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    Fitzgerald, George and Liane
    Flahive, Lauren
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    Fleet, Robert and Montgomery, Diana
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    Loch, Kelly
    Logan, Linda
    Lohr, Judith
    Lombardo, Margaret
    London, Marla
    Long/Giles, Priscilla
    Lorber, Tammy
    Loritsch, Robyn
    Louis, Samantha
    LoWong, Ginny
    Lurie, Sheri
    Lutz, Jacqueline and Martin
    Lynn, Dr. Leslie
    MacDonald, Jinny
    MacDonald, Virginia
    Mak, Christopher
    Malenius, Justin
    Malevitis, Andrea
    Malone, Delores and Roy
    Mann, Robert & Sally
    Mann, Sharon
    Manson, Mary J
    Mantz, Mary
    Maram, Bernard and Lynda
    Marasa, Francis and Chic
    Marcus, Leane
    Maria McCarthy
    Marinelli, Ellen
    Marion Feinberg & Michele Trull
    Marschak, Sonia T.
    Marsh, Sheena
    Marsha Richman & Dick Lanyon
    Martin, Andy
    Martin, Christine
    Martin, Mont and Marilyn
    Martinez, Carolyn & Alleshouse, Zephyr
    Mason, Barb
    Massarelli, Jennifer
    Masters,Adam & Amanda
    Mathews, Gary
    Mattson, Brian
    Mau, John and Donna
    McAllister, Eric
    McBride, William and Dale
    McCabe, Anya
    McCarron, Kristin
    McCarthy, Shaunna
    McCarty, Adele
    McConville, Kerry
    McCormick, Mary Defano
    McDaniel, Joanna
    McDannel, Kim
    McDonald, Judy
    McDonough, Timothy & Barbara
    McGillicuddy, Denise & Chris
    McGuire, Monica
    McHale, Marnie
    McIlhattan, Luke
    McIlhattan, Robert
    McKeon, Jil
    McManus, Ed & Ellen
    McManus, Kimberly
    McNeill, Shelia
    Mehling, Lauren
    Meier, Susan
    Melendez, Moira
    Mellema, Mary Ann
    Meloy, Ellen
    Menard, Vicki
    Mendes, Kathy
    Merritt, Joanne
    Metres, Philip and Kay
    Meyer, Barbara
    Michalak, Michael
    Michel, Maria
    Michelson, Toby
    Mickey, Daniel & Trudi
    Mihelic, Kelly
    Milazzo, Angelo and Darlene
    Milewski, George
    Milito, Agnese
    Millar, Allison and Michael
    Miller, Allen
    Miller, Carol
    Miller, Catherine
    Miller, Cheryl
    Miller, Fred and Barbara
    Miller, Mark and Arlyn
    Mishkin, Tamar
    Mitchell, Leon
    Mitchell, Steve and Karyn
    Mitsopoulos, Constantin and Sylvia
    Modica, John
    Mohs, Janice
    Moldofsky, Kim
    Monto, Gayl
    Moore, Dennis & Jan
    Morgan Stanley
    Morris, Corrinne
    Morrison, Charles & Marilee
    Morstad,Steve & Eleanor
    Mortensen, Julee
    Mottel, Mary Jane
    Mr. Colin Moore
    Mrs. Diane Thurnblad
    Ms. Alyssa Jaquelyn & Mr. David Knopp
    Ms. Barbara Bradford
    Ms. Boyd Fecarotta
    Ms. Lane, Bonnie & Dr. Ritz, Sherwin
    Mueller, Melissa
    Mueller, Steve and Esther
    Mulvaney, William
    Munger, Dan
    Murphy, Sharon
    Murray, John, Eileen & Kelly
    Murrens, John and Sherry
    Muttar, Saad
    Myong, Michele
    Nachman, Robert & Ehrenpreis, Tobi
    Nadel, Phillip & Ella
    Nagel, Jeff
    Najera, Jamie
    Namoff, Daniel
    Nash, Maya
    Naso, James
    Nathan, Cara
    Nathan, Deborah & Allan
    Nelson, Alex
    Nelson, Marc
    Nelson, Margaret
    Nelson, Tina & Leonard
    Nesbitt, Kelli
    Network For Good Facebook
    Newhauser, Warren
    Newman, Leonard and Sheri
    Ng, Jason
    Nicholas, Neri
    Nichols, Rosemary
    Nicholson, Lawrence
    Nidetz, Linda
    Nina Santacrose
    Nisar, Ankita
    No Same On U, INC
    Nolan, Kathleen & John
    Northfield Township
    Northrop, Susan
    Northshore Univeristy HealthSystem
    Northwest Community Hospital-Grants
    Northwestern Memorial Healthcare
    Northwestern Student Speaker
    Northwestern Wellness Chairs
    Novak, Todd
    Novick, Michelle
    Nowak, Kimberly
    Nowicki, Darrin
    Nusbaum,Howard & Joanne
    Nylec, Kathy
    Oak Wealth Advisors-Michael Walther
    Oberlander, Leon & Sharon
    Oberman, Margo
    Obringer, Daniel
    Ockerlund, Sue
    O'Donnell, Amy
    Offutt, May
    Offutt, Sibyl
    Ogilvie, Bob & Mary Ann
    Okner, Jodi
    Olander, Pamela
    Olson, Christina
    Olson, Randy and Lee Ann
    O'Neal, Patty
    O'Regan, Kathleen
    Orr, Vi
    Orrico, Jennifer
    Ortiz, Dulce
    Osborne, Lori
    Otsuka America Pharmaceutical INC.
    Ousterhout, Andrew
    Ouzidane, Dorothy
    Owens, Kerry
    Pace, Bernardo
    Pachuta, Renira
    Padilla, Ernestina
    Padmanabhan, Sai
    Page, Daniel
    Page, David and Katie
    Page, Jane
    Page, Nick
    Page, Steven
    Paik, Jeffrey
    Palace, Marylou
    Palmer, David
    Palmer, Helen & Bauer, Ann
    Palmgren, Mark
    Palsgrove, Patrick
    Pamela Braus
    Pankros, Carol
    Pardes, Melanie
    Parker, John
    Parratore, Phil and Karen
    Pascolla, Mark and Carol
    Patino, Ronda
    Patricia Rodbro
    Patti & David Ray
    Paulsen, Rebecca
    Pawlowski, Chris
    Paxson, Mary Alice
    Payne, Altran
    Paypal Charitable Giving Fund
    Pecho, Barry
    Peel, Donna
    Perera, Jason
    Peritz, Saralyn
    Pestrak, Stephanie
    Pethiyagoda, Nishan
    Pezl, Christopher
    Pierson, Jeanne
    Pietruszka, Elaine
    Pillar Clinical Research
    Pint, Patricia
    Platt, Margaret
    Pniewski, Mary
    Podolny, Cheryl
    Pohribnij, Walter and Kristina
    Pokorny, Robert
    Pollack, Sue
    Pomilia, Nadine
    Portle, Robert and Angelina
    Potenz, Ric and Elise
    Powell, Tamra
    Powers, Laurie A.
    Pratt, Murray & Kevin
    Presman, Ellen
    Price, Michael
    Pritzker, Phil
    Prizant, Rena
    Proctor, Tom & Carol
    Proteau, Deidre
    Pucci, Mark and Anita
    Purgatori, Candice
    Puryear, Rob and Kristin
    Putman, Donald and Norma
    Quattrochi, Marcy
    Quinn, Eileen
    Quinn, Eileen
    Quirk, Jim
    Raderstorf, Stephanie
    Ramirez-Odell, Helen
    Randy and Thomas Heidenfelder
    Raney, Ann
    Rank, John and Prasil, Linda
    Rasher, Sue & Steve
    Ratajczyk, Jean
    Rebori, Dr. Thomas
    Reeves, Nadra
    Regunberg, Erica
    Reitz, Neil
    Remke Industries, Inc.
    Rempas, Amy
    Remsberg, Charles & Collen
    Renaissance Charitable Foundation
    Renzelmann, Brooke
    Representative Elaine Nekritz
    Reuland, Margaret
    Rev. Kathy & Mr. Bill McNair
    Reyes, Cynthia
    Reynolds, Christine
    Reynolds, Kris
    Rhodes, Helene, Harry & Avigal
    Rickert, Chris and Ginny
    Rifkin, Ashley
    Rinozzi, Christina
    Riordan, Paul and Caroline
    Ritacca, Marybeth
    Rivkin & Rivkin, LLC
    Robbins Architecture
    Robbins, Nick
    Robbins, Sue
    Roberts, Nancy
    Robinson, Ellen
    Robinson, Gary & Cheri
    Rodbro Family
    Rodbro, Christine
    Rodbro, Ed & Maria
    Rogers Behavioral Health
    Romain, Lynn
    Roman, Diane
    Romani, Beata
    Romano, Therese & Michael
    Ron, Joyce, Scott Lapin
    Rootberg, Brett and Amy
    Rootberg, Brian & Jennifer
    Rootberg, Marty
    Rose, Mark & Joan
    Rosecrans, Gary & Williams, Tammy
    Rosen, Wendy and Groeninger, David
    Rosenberg, Joanne
    Rosenberg, Richard
    Rosenberg, Steve & Ethel
    Rosenfeld, Sheila
    Ross, Ariel
    Roth, Andrew and Ellen
    Rothbardt, Stanley & Laurel
    Rothbardt,Carey & Holly
    Rothman, Tamara
    Roy, Marc
    Royce, Barbara
    Rubacha, Paul
    Rubert, Ellen
    Rubin, Jeff and Laurie
    Ruddy, Barbara
    Rudnik, Gene and Carol
    Ruffolo, Amy
    Runtz, Antionette
    Russell, Charles
    Ryan, John & Maureen
    Sackrider, Gregg & Sari
    Sacks, Robert & Jan
    Salinas, Veronika
    Samberg, Hannah
    Samlan, Alan & Eileen
    Samuels, Julie
    Samuelson, Lanay
    Samuelson, Orion & Gloria
    Sandage, Susan
    Sandberg, Susan
    Sanders, Virginia
    Sandrich, Jay and Linda
    Saracco, Frank
    Sargis, Jon
    Sartore, Elizabeth
    Sartore, Jack and Bonnie
    Savastio, Lois
    Savastio, Ray & Julie
    Schaefer, Carol
    Schawe, Jennifer
    Schechter, Jeff and Jodi
    Scherer, Amy
    Schiappacasse, Scott
    Schikore, Daniel
    Schladweiler, Joyce & John
    Schlickman, Sherry
    Schmidt, Michelle
    Schmidt, Sanford
    Scholvin, John
    Schroeder, Mark
    Schultz, Pauline
    Schultz, Sheila
    Schwartz, Michael
    Schweickert, Robert & Georganne
    Scott, Rodney
    Second Baptist Church
    Seko, Rika
    Seltzer, Sheryl
    Sera, Ken & Michele
    Servatius, Patti
    Severson, Melinda
    Shah, Hetal
    Shaner, Meredith
    Shapiro, Lois
    Sharpe, John
    Shaughnessy, Pat
    Sheber, Don
    Sheridan, Una
    Sherman United Methodist Church
    Sherman, Harry
    Shindler, Andrea & Michael
    Shine, Kathy
    Shiner, William & Jackie
    Shlossman, Barbara
    Shoshana, Karen
    Shovers, Barbara
    Shovers, Gary
    Shovers, Marc
    Shovers, Sandra & Gibberman, David
    Shvartsman, Yuri
    Sidell, Judy
    Siegel, Jan
    Siegler, Lynn
    Siemianowski, Lucy & Greg
    Silver, Burton
    Simeone, Thomas & Courtnay
    Simmons, Barbara
    Simon, Denise
    Simon, Judith & Ernest
    Simon, Robert
    Simpson, Catherine
    Sims, Steven
    Sisterman, Linda
    Skelton, Julie
    Skinner, Holly
    Skrocki, Robert
    Slaw, Craig
    Slevin, Linda
    Smalley, Toby
    Smith, Blanche
    Smith, Eva
    Smith, Ronald and Elizabeth
    Smith, Taylor & Brenda
    Snickenberger, Patricia
    Snow, Lydia
    Snow, Mary Bartow
    Solomon, Sheryl M
    Solway, Julian & Judy
    Somervill, Christine
    Sommer, Ed & Tracy
    Sophier, Scott
    Soskin, Dave & Laura
    Sourwine, Charia
    Sowatzke, Kurt and Michaline
    Sparacio, Cindi and Compobasso, Tom
    Sparacio, Susan & Kathleen
    Sparacio-Quirk, Cherie
    Sparough, J Michael
    Spatafore, Nicole
    Spaulding, Alice
    Spector, Jill & Alan
    Spencer, Robert & Barbara
    Srinivasan, Anu & Mohan
    Staat, Lawrence
    Stamper, Martha
    Starkey, Eileen
    Stawicki, Linda
    Steinback, Patricia
    Steinberg, Stacy
    Stensby, Scott
    Stephan Weinberg & Chuwey Tsai-Weinberg
    Stepp, Ronald & Julia
    Sterling & Linda Lanier,Betty Brookes
    Stern, Patrick
    Stetters, Catherine
    Steven & Mary Vreugdenhil
    Stewart, Jodi
    Sticha, Taylor
    Stieber, Catherine
    Stieber, Jeff
    Stolt, Linda
    Straus, Joshua
    Strauss, Jessica
    Strbik, Ildiko
    Stretch, Charlotte
    Stronach, Harold & Susan
    Strzemp, Caroline
    Stuelpnagel Family, Suli
    Stutz, George
    Summer, Caryn
    Superior Optical
    Susan Gibberman
    Sussman, Ira and Nancy
    Sutton, Carlis B.
    Suvarnamani, Nancy
    Suwat, Korattana
    Swiryn, Laurie
    Swyter, Helena
    Symetria Recovery
    Szlemp, Maureen
    T. Lloyd Kelly Foundation
    Taitz, Andrew and Yardena
    Takagi, Marmie
    Takushi, Linda
    Tamillo, Andrea
    Tanaka, Nora
    Targos, Cheryl and Steven
    Tasaniyom Family, Sasidanai Koi
    Tauber, Allen & Cindy
    Tayabee Family, Aadil
    Tayabee, Anjum and Salmah
    Taylor, Elizabeth
    Taylor, Mary
    Taylor, Theresa
    The Grand Lodge Independent Order Of Svithiod
    The Joyce Foundation
    The Nelappana Family
    Thein, Wayne and Sara
    Thelen, Steve and Diana
    Thomae, Ben
    Thomas, Diana
    Thomas, Karen
    Thomas, Mary
    Thomas, Mary Ann
    Thompson, Evelyn J. & Tong, Dan
    Thompson, Rena
    Thompson, Sally
    Thota, Madhuri
    Tingzon, Sheila
    Tinkham, Mary
    Tocco, Carl & Carol
    Tolpin, Maria
    Tomillo, Walter and Bonnie
    Toncheva, Stefka
    Tortal, David
    Tortal, Dinah
    Tow, Way & Lily
    Tracey Vicari/Reichel Elliot
    Tracy, Marilyn
    Treehuboff, Susan
    Turner, Jeanne and William
    Turning Point
    Turning Point
    Tuttle, Elizabeth & Richard
    Tutunji, Roberta
    Ulbrich, Marsha
    Unwin, Arla
    Urganus, Annette
    Urkov, Jodi
    Vacek, Christine
    Vail, Julie
    Valluripalli, Ravi
    Vandenheuvel, Jared
    Vanderlaan, Yolanda
    Vanderwerf, Emily
    Vanover, Michelle
    Vanover, Shelly
    Velasco, Daniel
    Vella, Sylvia
    Villanueva, Grecy
    Villatoro, Roxana
    Vognar, Joan
    Vogt, Joan
    Vollmer, Vicki
    Vondersitt, Chrissie
    Voss, Jill
    Vyenielo, Jennifer
    Waddick, Blair
    Wade, Janet
    Wagner, Susan & Lippitz, Michael
    Wahlstrom, Carl
    Walchak, Mitzi
    Waldoch, Lee and Heather
    Walker, Scott and Laura
    Walker, Thelma
    Waller, Jane
    Walmart/Sam's Club
    Walsh, James and Barbara
    Walsh, Marytherese
    Waraich Family, Dilnaz
    Ward, Michael
    Warnecke, Barbara & Richard
    Warner, Charles
    Warshauer, Steven & Ronna
    Waterloo, Joshua
    Watts-Fitzgerald, Colin
    Watts-Fitzgerald, Kelsey
    Waxman, Michael
    Webb, Lauren
    Weber, Margaret
    Weidner, Karen
    Weinberg, Dorothy & Burton
    Weinberg, Michael
    Weinert, Ronald and Glori
    Weinstein, Michael
    Weiss, Sharyn & Gene
    Weiss, Valerie
    Welch, Marlene
    Welch, Paige E.
    Welham, Laine
    Welner, Nicole
    Welsh, Gregory
    Wessel, Christi
    West Deerfield Township
    West, Joseph
    Westhead, Karen
    Wetzel, Laura
    Weyant, Christine
    Whalls, Tom
    Wheeler, Bruce
    White, Helen
    White, Richard
    White, Robert and Barbara Chrz
    White, Wendy
    Whitehead, Mary and Craig
    Whitted Cleary & Takiff LLC
    Williams, Harry
    Williams, Lisa
    Williams, William & Patrica
    Wilmeth, Scott
    Wilson, Anne
    Wilson, John & Bonnie
    Wilson, Kevin
    Wilson, Tamara
    Wintrust Financial Corp
    Wittert, Donna and Bill
    Wojcik, Carl
    Wolfson, Robert
    Wolters Kluwer
    Wright, Matthew
    WRJ Midwest District
    Wu, Dorothy
    Xaverius, Karen
    Yakel, Pamela
    Yelin, Charlie Valdes
    Young, Kathy
    Young, Nancy
    Yukl, Nancy
    Zablocki, Susan
    Zager, Daniel
    Zager, Judy
    Zager, Zachary & Linda
    Zahirovic, Amir
    Zahirovic, Jasmin
    Zall, Larry & Pam
    Zambrano, Bryan
    Zeller, James and Janice
    Ziemann, Amanda
    Zipfel, Jeannine
    Zis, Mindee
    Zupec, Teresa

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