Overcoming Anorexia

7 Biggest Challenges of Overcoming Anorexia

Those who have never actually experienced anorexia often think others can overcome the disease simply by realizing their own inner beauty and starting to eat again. However, anorexia nervosa (an emotional disorder characterized by an obsessive desire to lose weight by refusing to eat) is a very complicated mental disorder...

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NorthShore Unversity HealthSystem | Community Survey

NorthShore University HealthSystem is gathering information as part of developing a plan to improve health and quality of life in the community it serves.  We are reaching out to community members to gather input so we may identify and respond to unmet health needs in the community.  Your knowledge and familiarity with...

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Why Mental Health Issues In LGBTQ Communities Frequently Lead to Addiction

While mental health issues affect individuals of every community and socioeconomic class, the LGBTQ community has an increased risk for mental illness, with three times as many individuals who identify as LGBTQ living with major depression and generalized anxiety disorder than their heteronormative counterparts. Many LGBTQ individuals do not receive...

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Mental Health and Addiction Parity Month

Mental Health and Addiction Parity Month | State of Illinois Mental Health Proclamation

Since the inception of health care, mental illness has always been denied by insurance companies.  That is changing fast as mental health parity laws have been the conversation among the many that have been denied the same services afforded to those with physical ailments for decades. However, Illinois Governor Bruce...

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