• Dr. Segal's 5 Keys to Successful ADHD Treatment

    Dr. Segal’s 5 Keys to Successful ADHD Treatment

    Dr. Norman Segal, a popular and well established pediatrician in the Chicago Northwest suburbs, presented a talk at the Des Plaines Public Library on February 13, 2019 to a capacity crowd.  Tackling the subject of ADHD is no easy jest, however Dr. Segal gave the audience insight that left them...

  • 4 Crisis Point - children's mental health

    4 Crisis Points in Children’s Mental Health

    A child’s mental health can be impacted by stress, especially if the stress is long-term, sudden or accompanied by other life-changing events. Here are some mental health crisis points that can impact children that you should know about. A Death in the Family It doesn’t matter if it is a...

  • Winter 2019 | NAMI Newsline

    Winter 2019 | NAMI Newsline

    Winter 2019 NAMI Newsline – COOK COUNTY NORTH SUBURBAN

  • Overcoming Anorexia

    7 Biggest Challenges of Overcoming Anorexia

    Those who have never actually experienced anorexia often think others can overcome the disease simply by realizing their own inner beauty and starting to eat again. However, anorexia nervosa (an emotional disorder characterized by an obsessive desire to lose weight by refusing to eat) is a very complicated mental disorder...

  • yoga for mental health

    5 WAYS | How Yoga Can Positively Impact Your Mental Health

    Yoga is a “no-brainer” for people that do and don’t like to exercise!  Why? Yoga is like fitness, and it is not like fitness. It resembles fitness because it strengthens your body and tones it. It is not like fitness, because it is much more than that. Yoga is a...


    NorthShore Unversity HealthSystem | Community Survey

    NorthShore University HealthSystem is gathering information as part of developing a plan to improve health and quality of life in the community it serves.  We are reaching out to community members to gather input so we may identify and respond to unmet health needs in the community.  Your knowledge and familiarity with...

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    Blue Christmas Service | An Invitation to Cure Holiday Depression

    Have you ever felt blue or had depression during the holidays? It’s not uncommon and you are not alone! A Longest Night service / Blue Christmas Service may be the safe space you’re looking for this Christmas season. What is a Longest Night Service? The Longest Night Service marks the...

  • Seasonal Affective Disorder

    How to Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder

    Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) affects over 40.8 million Americans each year. While most of those cases are mild, about 6 percent of all people with SAD have symptoms severe enough to require hospitalization. Demographically, the condition is most likely to affect women between the ages of 18 and 30, but...