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Tag Day

June 12 & 13 (Friday & Saturday)


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Tag Day Community Captain – Click for downloadable PDF

The objective is to have each Community participate in Tag Day. It is an ideal way to introduce our organization to the general public, and to let them know we exist. At the same time we are able to raise some money for NAMI CCNS.
The Captain works with the NAMI CCNS staff to implement Tag Day in a local community. The primary role of the Captain is to ensure a plan exists for a local community, solicitors are scheduled, briefed and provided with materials, and the money, materials, aprons and cans are returned to the NAMI CCNS office.

Role of Community Captain

  1. Complete Volunteer Form
  2. Learn What Works
    1. Talk with experienced Tag Day Captains and NAMI CCNS staff to understand what has worked best in the past
    2. Review package from your community from prior year (if available, if not look at a sample from another community) describing what we were approved to do last year.
  3. Scout out your community to identify potential sites and determine if they can work. Discuss your ideas with NAMI CCNS staff and make decisions.