Your donations mean so much to us.

Thank you in advance for considering NAMI CCNS
in your charitable giving.
When you donate on our site 100% of the donation
stays in our local affiliate.

Use the “DONATE BUTTONS above safely and securely
SEND a CHECK payable to NAMI CCNS to
8324 Skokie Boulevard, Skokie, Illinois 60077
CALL US at 847-716-2252 and we can process your credit card donation

We do not directly benefit from your contributions to the Illinois or our National organizations. Other NAMI donations to the Illinois and National organizations are also helpful if you can make them.

Tree Of Life - Donate to NAMI CCNS Tree of Life

Leaves are priced as follows:

  • Gold Leaf-$500
  • Silver Leaf-$250
  • Copper Leaf-$125

Many donors have the leaves inscribed “In Honor of….” or “In Memory of….”

In addition donors who are interested in making a larger donation can purchase boulders that will be placed by the tree.


  • Large – $5,000
  • Medium – $2,500
  • Small – $1,000

Leaf inscriptions are limited to 3 lines, approximately 23 characters. Please contact Sue Ockerlund at (847) 716-2252 or for more information.


Inscription (optional, limited to 3 lines, maximum of 23 characters per line):

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DONATE LOCALLY first – we appreciate it.

2015 NAMI CCNS Annual Appeal Letter 


Comment (optional, max 100 characters)

Include any notes about your donation that you wish to include (e.g.: “Thank you NAMI for…”, “In Honor Of…”, or “In Memory Of…” Please add name and address of person you wish an Acknowledgement sent to).

Donate with Pay Pal/credit cards

Please be generous. You make a difference!

Be creative! Below are more concepts for helping NAMI CCNS

1- Donations IN HONOR or IN MEMORIAM of someone you love – What a beautiful and meaningful way to recognize your connection to someone special.

2- BIRTHDAY donations to NAMI CCNS in lieu of birthday gifts. Celebrate a birthday, anniversary or special day by asking your friends to make a donation to NAMI CCNS.

3- “CASH BACK” dollars from your credit cards – If these come to you as an occasional surprise every once in a while, consider passing them along to NAMI CCNS. These “extra” dollars will go such a long way with our education and support programs.

4- Donations of STOCKS, BONDS and MUTUAL FUNDS – If you have any appreciated securities that you would feel comfortable donating to NAMI CCNS, do so knowing that you will get that critical tax deduction and help others so much.

5- MATCHING GIFTS – Many employers will match gifts made to 501(c)(3) organizations. Check with your HR department to see if this doubling (or tripling) of your donation is possible.

6- Endowment Contributions – When you make an endowment contribution, the principal will remain untouched while the earnings will go a long way towards helping NAMI CCNS with its mission.

7- Having a SPECIAL OCCASION? A gathering of friend or neighbors? Ask one of our talented speakers into your home to talk to your guests about what we do. Be a personal “fund” or “friend raiser” for NAMI CCNS. This can be a moving and poignant experience for you and your guests.

8- PLANNED GIVING – Including NAMI CCNS in your will or trust means you ensure a gift that will have an enduring impact in the important work we do.

9- Have your WORKPLACE do a GROUP FUNDRAISER for NAMI CCNS – We can work with your place of business to arrange a rewarding and powerful experience where everyone is a winner. Talk to us about more ideas!

Where Your Dollars Go

NAMI CCNS Fund piechart for 2014


So many ideas – so little space…

If you have THINGS or SERVICES we need that you’d like to donate or purchase for us, we’d be delighted. Please don’t hesitate to ask how you can help!