• Steve & Nick Millazo face schizophrenia

    Steve Milazzo | You Are Not Alone

    Steve Milazzo and his identical twin, Nick, led seemingly normal lives. They were each other’s shadows throughout childhood and adolescence. They were inseparable, until their lives were turned upside down for these two twins. This is the story of Steve and Nick Milazzo. Unfortunately, alone is exactly how I felt...

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  • Brent Sopel Hockey NHL Dyslexia

    Brent Sopel | From Stanley Cup Champion to Rock Bottom

    For over 25 years, Brent Sopel, former 2010 Stanley Cup Champion and Chicago Blackhawk defenseman, hid behind hockey.  It was a place he could be who he wanted to be without anyone knowing the pain that lay deep.  When the last puck was dropped on his NHL career, he was faced with...

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  • Suicide Prevention Military

    Zecharia Gilbert | Suicide in the Military. My Story.

    In 2005 Zecharia Gilbert’s Army National Guard unit, at Midway Airport, lost a fellow soldier to suicide. Listen to his story in the video. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) has programs that are designed to educate and prevent such situations. If you are dealing with suicide, please call:...

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  • Grant Nelson Uber

    Slain Uber Driver, Grant Nelson’s Mother’s Personal Story

    Grant Nelson was fatally attacked over Memorial Day weekend while working as an Uber driver in Skokie, IL. Tina Nelson, Grant’s mother, tells of unimaginable pain due to the tragic and untimely death of their son, Grant.  Here she is sharing her NAMI story with us! Help us honor Grant...

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